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About Us

Our Aim

To create an environment for future New Zealand Hockey, Swimming and Tennis Athletes to achieve their goals of becoming New Zealand Champions.

Our Vision

Hamilton Boys' High School has a firm commitment to promoting excellence at all levels of sporting competition. The school is immensely proud of this success, as it is proud of the school's place and role in the Hamilton community.

Based on a strong and proud sporting tradition and a history of success at the highest level, Hamilton Boys' High School continues to develop fine young athletes; this will now extend into the local community. The role of these proposed hockey, tennis, and swimming facilities, alongside local clubs, is to provide talented young sportsmen and women with the guidance, tuition and coaching which they need in order to realise their considerable potential. Not only will athletes improve in their chosen sport, they will also learn the disciplines required to balance their sporting commitments with both their academic pursuits and their personal lives. As these facilities link into the local schools from year 1 to 13, this development will continue through their whole educational life.

With the development of the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex, Hamilton Boys' High School wishes to engage even more greatly with its community, working together in sharing knowledge and facilities to deliver sporting excellence and community recreational opportunities.

Every donation is gratefully received and recognised.

Our Friends & Partners

These are our friends and partners that are helping us with the progression of the Hamilton East Sports Complex.
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