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How can you help?

Every donation is gratefully received and recognised. There are many ways in which you can help.

Become a part of Hamilton East Community history. Between the Tennis Courts and Hockey Turf we will dedicate a covered, paved walkway with your name or family name inscribed on either a paver, bench, pillar, or walkway. This walkway, dedicated to the many athletes that Hamilton East has produced over the many years, will hold inspirational messages engraved with names of people who have contributed towards Stage One of these facilities. Pool seats and pool lanes are also available.

Our sponsored pathway is looking good with the pavers being the most popular option, followed by the benches, so if you are intending to donate then you are going to have to get in quick. Thanks very much for all the support.

What can you donate?

There are a number of different ways to donate towards the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex. Here is a list below of what you can donate varying in price:
  • Swimming Pool Seats ($500)
    Have your name permanently displayed on a limited number of seats behind the starting blocks at the swimming pool.
  • Swimming Lanes ($5,000)
    Have your name along with a message permanently displayed on the starting block of your dedicated lane. This will be one of six lanes.
  • Pavers ($250, $400 & $750)
    Have your name on a dedicated paver along a walkway between the tennis courts and hockey turf.
  • Benches ($2,500 & $3,500)
    Have your name along with a message permanently displayed on a limited number of benches.
  • Pillars ($4,000)
    All the coverings will be held up by 12 pillars, have your name and message displayed on these pillars.
  • Coverings ($3,000 & $5,000)
    The benches will have two types of coverings facing the hockey and tennis courts providing differing amounts of shade. You can have your name and message displayed on these coverings.
If you are interested in donating, the easiest way of doing so is through our online store. Click on "Donate Online" below to make your generous donation towards the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost the rate payer?

At present Hamilton City Council is not contributing anything. For Stage One there is no need for any ratepayer contribution to the building project. We are asking Hamilton City Council to bring forward roading investment with respect to the intersection of Beale and Grey Street. We know that this intersection has been on their radar for a while. We are asking them to make this a priority, in addition they would be resolving the parking challenges for the various community facilities in that area. At present the total cost of this is about $1.3 million but, remember, this is only part of Stage Two of the development. Once Stage One is complete we are anticipating asking them for some operational costs which is common practise with a number of pools receiving support via the community pools programme. This could come in somewhere between $20k and $50k per year.

When is the completion date?

Each stage is dependent of funding. The outdoor pool & pavilion has been completed. We are hoping for a completion date of September 2017 for the hockey turf and tennis courts.

How will the community access this asset? Who will run it?

This has a two-part answer, during school hours and after school hours. The Project Group is in the process of inviting the surrounding schools to make use of the facilities during school hours. That means that up to 5000 school students could potentially use these facilities during school hours.

The Learn to Swim Pool will be used by age appropriate students and some preschools have shown an interest in being involved. This begs the question, who will run these facilities? We have been working with Swim Waikato and a local club. The relationship between the club and Swim Waikato will oversee the running of pool outside of school hours. If a school requires assistance during school hours then these parties will step in. If the public want access to the pool then they would need to go through the club. The club has indicated that they would open up to the public, with a life guard on duty, at some stage over the weekends and during summer school holidays.

The hockey turf will be run by Waikato Hockey with Hamilton Old Boys and Old Girls hockey club using the grounds as their home. Like the pool, anybody seeking use of these facilities after school hours would need to go through Waikato Hockey by being connected with a hockey club. This would be exactly the same as it is run down at Gallagher's Hockey Grounds.

When will Stage Two begin?

This is solely dependent on Beale Street being an access point to the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex – to commit to further infrastructure and increased volumes of traffic a purpose built access point to the sports facilities is a key part of the Stage 2 plan. At this stage the Project Group would be seeking formal support, if it hasn't already received, from HCC to approve and contribute to this access. The Project Group would then need to raise any shortfall in this funding as part of the funding for Stage 2. Once access arrangements are in place we will look to build the artificial football turf and indoor cricket nets as funding permits.

Any more Questions or Suggestions?

Still unsure about what the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex is about... just flick us a message and we'll get back in touch with you.

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