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The purpose of the Multi-Sports Complex

A development for a proposed new multi-sports and community facility at Hamilton Boys High School. The proposed centre, which has potential to be run in partnership with the local community, Ministry of Education, aquatic providers and other key stakeholders, will cater for seven primary sporting stakeholders: tennis, hockey, rugby, football (soccer), squash, indoor sports, swimming and waterpolo aquatic sports.

Overall, it aims to bring together the numerous potential users in a single, cohesive building in order to create a sustainable legacy for the school and community. The design includes flexible, multi-use spaces for a large and diverse group of athletes and spectators. Four "fingers of learning" — building forms which stretch out independently from a main central hub — are designed to be flexible areas that can be adapted to different purposes and activities.

Studio106 are currently providing services for the initial stage: design and build of the hockey field and tennis courts, and upgrade of the existing swimming pool.

Stage One

Outdoor arena, 6 Tennis Courts, Hockey Turf, Heated Swimming Pool

Stage Two

Mult-use Turf, Indoor Arena, Football Turf, Indoor Hockey and Futsal, Indoor Cricket Nets, Mezzanine and Viewing Gallery Lecture, Study Room, Changing facilities, Offices

Stage Three

Heated Indoor Water Polo Pool

Stage One

Hockey, Tennis and Pool Upgrade

As part of a future Hamilton East Community Sports Complex, Hamilton Boys' High School has initiated stage one. This involves the redevelopment of the existing swimming pool, and the building of a new hockey turf and tennis courts.

There are no future government funds available, so we need your generous support to ensure our students are able to achieve their goals both sporting and educationally. If you wish to help us by making a donation and want to know the process of donating towards the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex for Stage One click on the "Community Help?" link below. We appreciate your support!
Construction of the Swimming Pool & Pavilion is now complete.
Now open for schools in the area and public use.
Waiting for access through Beale Street to be confirmed.
Construction scheduled during late 2016.
Waiting for access through Beale Street to be confirmed.
Construction scheduled during late 2016.

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