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Online Payment Terms
Please read these Donation Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) carefully.  You may either accept or decline the Terms, but to make a donation you must accept the Terms by clicking “I accept”. Please note that the Terms may be altered or added to by Hamilton Boys’ High School from time to time without notice.  Please therefore ensure that you read the Terms carefully on each occasion that you make a donation. 

Contact Details
Hamilton East Community Sports Complex

Address:          Private Bag 3201, Hamilton
Phone:             (07) 853 0440 ext 2077
Email:              sportscomplex@hbhs.school.nz 

1.            Payment
1.1          All amounts mentioned on this website are in New Zealand dollars
               only, and processed in New Zealand dollars only.
1.2          Payment made be made using only Visa or MasterCard credit cards.  You
               may also send us a cheque payable to Hamilton East Community Sports
               Complex, at the contact details set out in these Terms.
1.3          Where you have indicated that your donation is in return for a particular
               item (such as a paver, bench, covering or pillar) and that item is no longer
               available, we will use your donation at our discretion for the benefit of the
               Hamilton East Community Sports Complex.
1.4          Donations via this website cannot be cancelled and are not refundable.  If
               you believe an error has been made regarding your donation, please
               contact us.
1.5          We reserve the right to reject or amend the message you would like
               displayed should we consider it necessary at our discretion.
1.6          Donations may qualify for a tax deduction or credit.  However, no warranty
               is provided in this regard.  Donation receipts will be provided either upon
               payment or at the end of our financial year at our discretion.

2.            Your Obligations
2.1          You warrant to us that you are authorised in all respects to make the
               donation and all information you have provided to us is true and correct.
2.2          We will use the information you have supplied to process the donation.
               Hamilton Boys’ High School shall have no liability for donations which are
               incorrect as a result of inaccurate data entry or other incorrect information
               supplied by you to us.  You are responsible in all respects for providing
               full and accurate information to us. 

3.            Limitation of Liability
3.1          To the extent permitted by law, Hamilton Boys’ High School will not be
                liable for any damage, loss or expense of any kind (including indirect or
                consequential losses or loss of property, business, revenue or goodwill),
               whether direct or indirect suffered or incurred by you and whether in
               contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise in connection with your
               access to or use of the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex site,
               the content on or accessed through it, or a donation made pursuant to it,
               including without limitation, as a result of the website being hacked,
               information being obtained by third parties, and/or funds being accessed. 

4.            Privacy Policy
4.1          Any personal information submitted by you will be collected, held, used for
               (and may be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of):
a.            sending you a receipt for your donation;
b.            assisting us to create a statistical picture of those who donate;
c.            sending you future communications about Hamilton Boys’ High School
               and Hamilton East Community Sports Complex;
d.            maintaining the Hamilton East Community Sports Complex website;
e.            the administration and running of the Hamilton East Community Sports
               Complex, and the collection of donations for this purpose. 
4.2          You may request access to, and correction of, all such information by
                contacting us at the contact details set out in these Terms.

5.            Other
5.1          These Terms are governed by New Zealand law.
5.2          These Terms constitute the entire understanding and agreement between
                you and us, and supersede any and all prior oral and written

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